Board of Directors

NFIP is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of parent volunteers. This helps keep our costs low, and is a great way for parents to be involved in their child’s preschool education.

When you register your child in NFIP, you also join the board. Exceptions can be made for extenuating circumstances, but the preschool does need to have a board with at least six members in order to operate each year.

The board meets for a few hours every 6–8 weeks and each board member has responsibilities/work that they do on their own time throughout the month. The Board has policies in place to guide its activities and meetings.

Board positions include:

  • President (chairs the meetings, liaises with parents and teacher, updates the blog, responsible for paperwork and licensing requirements and any MB Childcare office matters)
  • Treasurer (responsible for all financial aspects of the school including managing the budget, filing the income tax return, writing cheques/handling payments)
  • Secretary (records and distributes minutes for official meetings)
  • Registration Coordinator (oversees most aspects of advertising, recruitment and registration of students into the program)
  • Volunteer Coordinator (liaises with teacher and parents to organize volunteers for field trips, classroom events, making play-dough etc.)
  • Fundraising Coordinator (organizes monthly fundraisers for the school)
  • Website Coordinator (manages content on the website, online advertising, and all social media)
  • Members-at-large (attends meetings, votes on motions, can volunteer to help with other board members’ projects)

The board members work together to administer the preschool and support the teacher to implement the program including helping plan field trips, applying for government grants, advertising and recruitment of students and planning fundraising activities. Minutes of every board meeting are circulated to all parents of children enrolled in NFIP.