NFIP is a charitable organization and a provincially licensed childcare facility. We therefore rely on parent fees, an annual provincial operating grant and continual fundraising by families registered in our program to meet our expenses.

Like most other charities, NFIP is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. In this case, the board members are parents/family members of children currently enrolled in the program. The NFIP teacher(s) also regularly attends board meetings.

The board members work together to administer the preschool and support the teacher to implement the program, including helping plan field trips, applying for government grants, managing the budget, paying staff salaries, advertising and recruitment of students and planning fundraising activities.

The NFIP board currently employs one staff member: the teacher. NFIP’s teacher is also the director of the preschool: in addition to implementing our program in the classroom, our teacher/director develops the program and the curriculum based on her extensive teaching experience and education.