Inclusion Policy

Norwood French Immersion Preschool (NFIP) is committed to providing a fully inclusive environment for children and their families. We strive to offer an inclusive program by:

  • welcoming preschool children of all abilities from the community
  • supporting the inclusion of children who require additional support because of physical*, emotional, cognitive or social needs
  • adapting our daily program by providing safety or other equipment necessary to meet the needs of each child
  • physically arranging our classroom so all children can move freely and make choices based on their individual interests, abilities and needs
  • presenting a program of daily activities that gives all children the opportunity to participate in free play, structured or thematic activities, as well as routine and repetition
  • providing all children with daily opportunities to listen to, speak and sing in French, while respecting each child’s capacity and speed for learning
  • providing all children with opportunities to socialize and have positive relationships with their peers
  • building a program approach that best meets the developmental needs of each child and promotes growth and opportunities for learning
  • planning field trips that ensure all children have the opportunity to attend
  • recognizing and valuing input from parents and families and encouraging communication and collaboration between staff, parents and the board
  • ensuring parents have opportunities to be part of the decision-making process of the program by keeping membership on the NFIP board of directors open to staff and all parents/guardians of each child in the program
  • consulting and collaborating with therapists and other early intervention professionals as needed to ensure the needs of all children are met
  • supporting program staff to pursue any additional training and education needed to best meet the needs of all children in the program

*Note: At present, NFIP is unable to accommodate wheelchairs because our classroom is located within a school that is not wheelchair accessible (stairs only).