Ongoing Fundraising

If you order through these links for NFIP’s fundraising, then we will receive a portion of the sale.

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About Fundraising

Throughout the school year, parents and families of children enrolled in our program are asked to help fundraise for our school. Currently, we ask families to each raise $10 per month for the school, or $100 over the school year.

Money from our fundraising activities is always put to good use. Like any other non-profit and charitable organizations, NFIP depends on continual fundraising; it is one of the 3 revenue sources we rely on to meet our operating expenses (the others are parent fees and an annual provincial operating grant). Our grant and the amount we charge in parent fees is limited by the provincial government, so fundraising is the way we can all help maintain the quality of our program.

Fundraising activities generally consist of monies earned through the sale of products such as Bothwell Cheese, Peak of the Market and other local food products, as well as fun activities like garage sales, craft fairs and even bottle drives!

Our fundraising activities are organized by the Fundraising Coordinator, a volunteer position on our Board of Directors.

Participation in our fundraising activities is not mandatory; a $100 fundraising deposit is charged at the end of the year for families preferring not to participate in fundraising.

In cases where families raise more than the $100, the money stays with the school and depending on the amount, can subsidize field trips or costs for special toys or equipment. Like with most childcare centres and charities however, the “extra” money does not usually pay for “extra” things: it helps cover the costs of basic necessities to run our school and we are always grateful for families who are able to fundraise extra money to invest in the quality of our program.